What is a Damaged Vehicle Worth?

The entire matter of the worth of a damaged vehicle is quite a difficult one to take on.  Most vehicle owners tie a certain amount of sentimental value to their cars and this sentimental value often tricks the mind into thinking that the vehicle in question is much more valuable than the offer you might receive.

The value you have for your old damaged vehicle often isn’t nearly the same value a new buyer will have for that same vehicle.  New buyers do, after all, have to modify or repair the vehicle which can be quite expensive.

There are many factors that you need to consider before you will be able to discover what your damaged vehicle is worth.

The extent of the damage

The severity of the damage is one of the biggest things that affect your vehicle value.  There are many old and damaged vehicles out there that are still in superb condition, just like there are many vehicles out there that are a lot worse for wear than other vehicles of the same brand and model.  You can expect to get significantly more for a vehicle that is in running condition than for one that broke down.  You can also expect to get much more for a vehicle without visible damage than you would for a vehicle with noticeable damage.

Make and model

The brand of your car and model of your vehicle can also affect vehicle worth.  Some brands like Toyota are naturally more popular all over the world and especially in Australia.  Buyers are usually willing to dish out a lot more for the Toyota brand than vehicle brands that are not as popular, well known or reputable.  The model of your vehicle can also affect vehicle worth.  Some vehicle models are a lot more popular than others and are preferred for the look and functionality of the model.

Manufacturing date

The manufacturing date also has a huge effect on vehicle value but isn’t nearly as important as the extent of the damage.  No one is going to pay a high price for a relatively new car that is a complete wreck.  But in general, the older the vehicle is, the less valuable the vehicle will be unless the vehicle is preferred for its retro status.

If the vehicle is heavily damaged and none of the parts can be used as a replacement then we buy based on the weight of the vehicle. The heavier, the better, as we buy cars based on their weight. Visit Cash 4 Cars Toyota Melbourne website for more details and obligation free quote for your vehicle.