Car Removal FAQs

Do you want to get rid of or sell your old car?  Then you probably have a lot of questions to ask.  Everyone who is looking to sell or get an old car removed wants good money for their property.  You probably paid a lot for that Toyota of yours and need money for plenty of other things in your home or on your new vehicle.  You also want to be perfectly safe and legal when getting rid of your old car and want the best possible service.

Well, before you pick up that phone to give us a call at Cash 4 Cars Toyota Melbourne, have a look at these frequently asked questions so you can put your mind at ease.

Who exactly is Cash 4 Cars Toyota Melbourne?

Most people who ask this question want to get to know us better so they can avoid getting scammed.  Cash 4 Cars Toyota has been operational in Melbourne for many years and has over the years helped thousands of people with our services.  Our business is a trusted and secure way to sell your old car, to get your old car removed from a site or property.

What areas do Cash 4 Cars Toyota Melbourne cover?

We cover Melbourne and all of its suburbs and can come and remove your old Toyota vehicle at any location in this region.  We can collect in any type of area including commercial, residential.

When can I get car removal?

Our car removal services depend on you.  You can call us for a scheduled pickup at any time or date that suits you best or you can arrange for same day car removal and can get your vehicle removed instantly.

What type of vehicles do Cash 4 Cars Toyota take?

We accept any type of Toyota brand vehicle you have which includes trucks, cars, minibuses, SUV’s, 4WD’s, vans, Utes and even Toyota Hybrids of any year and model.  If you have a vehicle with a Toyota badge then we accept.


What condition should my vehicle be in?

Our superb company can take any Toyota in any condition off your hands.  This includes your vehicles that are relatively new and in running condition to older Toyota models and broken down cars.

What about the payment?

We pay good money for your old car and can offer either a cheque or bank transfer. You will receive a receipt upon payment if via EFT.

What does car removal cost?

Our car removal services are completely free!  We will come to any location in Melbourne, collect any Toyota in any condition completely free and will even pay good value for the old car.

Do Cash 4 Cars Toyota Melbourne sell spare parts?

We collect all types of old and scrap cars and usually have plenty of old parts that are still in great condition available.  Just tell us what you are looking for and we can supply it.

What do I need for car removal or a quote?

You will need to supply us with the make and model of your car. You should also be the owner of the vehicle, provide us with proof of ownership and should give us proof of your ID.  

Why should you choose Cash 4 Cars Toyota Melbourne?

We are the best car removal company in Melbourne.  We offer great service, act quickly and can get your car removed and supply you with cash within 24 hours of our offer.  You can also get your car removed anywhere in Melbourne and will receive money in your bank.

If you have any more questions for us, please give us a call and we will get these other questions answered for you in no time at all.